Wednesday, 18 February 2015

I think you are here because you have encountered the problem of paying into a wrong DStv account and standing the risk of losing your money. Maybe you own two or more DStv decoders in different accounts and you mistakenly paid money into the unintended account. You may have also wrongly copied your smartcard number and consequently paid your DStv subscription only to realize that you have paid into an unknown account. Whatever the situation might be, it is worthy of note that for any case of DStv wrong account payment, there are ways to successfully recover your money.

Recovering your money back does not mean having it back in cash or back into your bank account. It means redirecting or transferring the payment from the wrong account to your desired correct DStv or GOtv account. All these can be done within a very short time frame so as not to miss that important program you wish to watch on either your DStv or GOTV.
MultiChoice which provides DStv and GOtv services in Nigeria have fine-tuned their subscriber management technology platform for a quicker and more efficient response to customers’ queries especially bothering on transfer of wrong DStv or GOtv payments. However you can only achieve this if the proper channel is followed while providing the necessary evidence of payment for that wrong transaction.



The key point to note in recovering your money in cases of wrong DStv or GOtv account payment is the need to act quickly. You stand 98% chance of successfully recovering your DStv wrong payment or GOtv wrong account payment if you respond quickly upon realizing you have made payment into a wrong account. This is very necessary because any DStv account or GOtv account that receives payment usually absolves the money which elongates its due date by multiples of 30 days as much as he payment can accommodate. Technically, I call this phenomenon “forward-billing”.
If the money is pulled out before the account reaches the next due date, then both the money and its recipient account remains intact. However if the account exceeds its due date of which it has started running on the wrongly paid money, then the account will run into a debit status if the money is forcefully and eventually pulled away. Sometimes, you may end up not receiving the whole amount as paid.


The most important requirement in recovering or successfully transferring your wrong DStv or GOtv account payment is to provide the evidence of payment. Evidence here means the paper receipt of cash payment in the case of over-the-counter transactions and successful transaction notification text message or email in the case of online or mobile transactions.
The paper receipt issued over the counter could be either in electronic printed format or hand-written also referred to as “manual receipts”. Every detail about the wrong payment is contained in this receipt hence, it is always honoured. However, the electronic mobile SMS or email transaction notification contains vital information but the most vital is the transaction reference number generated by the wrong payment.



Among other materials needed to effect the recovery or transfer of wrong DStv or GOtv account payment are your valid means of identification of the account holder and a cover letter of wrong payment transfer. The means of identification here refers to either your national ID card, Drivers’ License or your international passport. The cover letter shall also contain among other things, smartcard numbers of both the correct account as well as the wrong account in which the money was paid into.
All these documents have to be provided on time and forwarded to any branch of MultiChoice. It does not matter if you are dealing with your GOtv or DStv account, both services are provided and managed by one company – MultiChoice. As said earlier, timely response is key to successfully recover your wrongly paid DStv or GOtv account subscription. Where all situations are equal, it usually takes between 24 hours to 3 days to successfully complete a money transfer transaction depending on internal conditions as may be obtainable from MultiChoice.
I am not about to explain exactly how these money transfers are effected internally. Once you are able to provide the required documents, rest assured that sooner than later you will have your money transferred back to your correct DStv or GOtv account.
However, your DStv channels can be restored prior to the transfer of your wrongly paid subscription. This is done as soon as your request becomes official and it happens just the moment you have submitted all the above-listed requirements. After reading this post, say goodbye to loss of money through wrongful payment of DStv or GOtv account. I wish you good luck.


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  2. Please kindly help me reverse my money back I do payment of 1200 in a wrong account.this is the message I received after payment...You have successfully made a payment of NGN1,200.00 to GOTV. Service ID : 2019377520.
    Ref: 02MW370943B3269

    1. Dear Olaoye, kibdly visit any nearby MultiChoice office that handles public subscription near you or call this number for direct assistance. 012703232

  3. Hello there, are you looking for a faster way to pay and subscribe for your GOtv account? Then simply follow these steps below:
    1. Visit
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  4. I paid #1900 for my GOTV plus / instead GOTV Value account I.U.C 2020695258 through ebank Mobile phone since afternoon

  5. Am adesola bello,i mistakenly pay 1900 into a wrong account my iuc no is 2019222120 but i made a mistake by paying into 2019222212 since 28th of jan 2018,pls what can i do to recover my money

  6. am obinna anyika i mistakenly pay 1900 into a wrong account the number is 20186848884 while my number is 2018684884 since 3/02/2018 please how can it be recover


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