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Monday, 23 February 2015


Technology is constantly evolving with more hi-tech innovations. Almost every day, new breakthroughs are recorded in different fields of technological endeavor.  From the former monochrome TV screens to the LED TV displays, bulky internet dial-up to super speed wireless internet and single utility big-size phones to compact smart and multi-functional phones.

It is true that the developing world like Nigeria and the rest of Africa are at the receiving end of these new innovative hi-tech products. Perhaps the greatest asset of these Digital computing devices to the developing world is found in the device battery life.

As surprising as it may seem, I will explain why this is so. The trajectory of all innovations are almost heading the same direction. Mobile phone companies are edging towards producing smarter phones that can solve problems faster, possess multitasking abilities, present more pleasurable and user-friendly interphases and so on. This is good for the developing world but in the real sense of it, they would not be any beneficial if these products’ battery die out before even completing their assigned tasks.
The developing world is characterized by poor or irregular power supply. This makes working with electronic devices very unreliable except if the device has good battery life. Imagine a university student type-setting his project on a laptop but unable to complete his work because the laptop’s battery has run down and there is no power supply to recharge the battery. This scenario may differ in many occasions but similar plights are very common in the developing world.
I believe technology has become an integral part of our everyday lives but for the developing world like Nigeria, it would be more beneficial if we have these Digi-tech computing devices but with longer battery lives. Considering the unstable nature of public power supply, the busy schedules of work engagements and the mad rush to succeed in daily businesses, I think the utility device battery life is the greatest asset for all computing devices in the developing world.
When people make plans to purchase computing devices, informed decisions always consider the battery life span of such device. No one would want to buy a product that one would spend one’s whole day recharging the battery instead of using it. It has become a deciding factor choosing what brand of device to purchase. A long battery life  span of a  Digi-tech computing device would definitely translate into a more pleasurable and beneficial usage.
Developers of new hi-tech devices are encouraged to put more effort in enhancing battery lives of devices than in any other device features. Manufacturers of mobile phones, computers, tablets and many other Digi-tech devices should produce devices that blend well with the socio-economic conditions of the developing world. As more consumers realize that their device battery life is the greatest asset for all Digi-tech products in the developing world, a time shall come when any such device that falls short of a good battery life will lose its market share in the developing world. This is perhaps the way forward for newer technological advancements.

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  1. I bought a dstv compact and they done installation today, so i want to know how long do o have to wait until i can see chanells i have already paid for


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