Building a career in Information and Communication Technology ICT industry has become the dream of every promising man or woman. You need not be a Chief Executive of a software company before you think of building an ICT-based career. Virtually everything you do now requires a bit of ICT application. Basically, so long as it involves finding and solving everyday problems of any level by use of digital devices, you are applying ICT skills.

Whether your dream is to work in a blue-chip company as an ICT expert or to run a small scale IT business, you need to know how to build a career in ICT. You want to get better in solving your IT problems, then there are basic facts you must know to help you build a successful career in ICT.

It does not even matter at what level you wish to apply your knowledge. The truth is that for any level you attain in life, your ability to excel in ICT depends on the amount of knowledge at your disposal especially as it concerns how to build a career in ICT. Here, I shall tell you what you must know in building successful career in ICT. What I list here may not be comprehensive enough, but it will help you think outside the box and by working on them, you are sure to be a success in whatever ICT endeavor you find yourself in.

You Must Have Passion for solving problems

The essence of developments in ICT is to solve problems. Computers were invented but super computers were reinvented to work out solutions to problems in much faster ways. A successful ICT career must have problem solving as the backbone. You need to be passionate in finding and solving problems, whether personal or public. This passionate drive from within helps to keep you aware of latest inventions and breakthroughs through research activities and consequently equips you better to solve more complex problems when they come.

You Must Possess a wide knowledge of operating systems

Every ICT platform runs on interrelation of softwares and hardware to produce technological devices. These softwares also known as operating systems are so many and unique in each of them. With enhancements on operating systems almost on daily basis, it becomes important for you pursuing career in ICT to possess wide knowledge of these operating systems.
A good knowledge of operating systems will in turn make you relevant on any platform you find yourself as you know exactly what to apply to make such system work better. For instance, a wide knowledge of Windows operating systems on computers and mobile phones would enable you know what kind of utility applications to install in these devices. This is because not all softwares or applications are compatible with different operating systems.

You Must Have a Good Networking knowledge

ICT has been able to solve major difficult human problems because of super connectivity technology employed in the industry. Connectivity via networking has given rise to super-fast internet and device-to-device data share as we have them today. Even wireless connectivity is no longer news made possible by superb networking techniques. Therefore it is important that you equip yourself with a very good knowledge of networking if you intend building a career in ICT.


You must Possess Good Knowledge of Hardware and Software

Every hardware or software in ICT have got specifications, calibrations and ratings.  Good combination is necessary to get ideal results in ICT applications. Therefore a good knowledge of hardware and software are golden qualities of an individual seeking to build a career in ICT.

Good knowledge of IT peripherals

Most times, we cannot separate ICT from peripherals like printers, faxes, scanners, external drives and many other external devices connected to computer devices to enable us finish our jobs well. To install and run these peripherals, one requires a good knowledge of their compatibility and other technical details. Without these, we are far from doing quality jobs as far as ICT is concerned. Hence, pursue good knowledge of IT peripherals if you wish to build a successful career in ICT.

Ability to explain in simple terms

The primary aim of ICT is to enhance better communication within and even beyond our world. What about the ability to communicate to lay persons on matters related to ICT? Not all persons are knowledgeable on ICT but their lives cut across the use of ICT products and services. With all its complex terms and jargons, are you able to carry people along by being able to explain their ICT problems in simple terms they can understand? This will result in many more people appreciating ICT through you as ou add more value to their lives. Building a career in ICT has a strong relationship with your ability to simplify terms and problems.

Begin Small

Every success story usually have humble beginnings. True knowledge develops from the known to the unknown. Obtaining basic qualifications in ICT courses or training is not enough. Rather, it serves as a launch pad into bigger ventures, more problem-solving, new horizons and see you breaking new grounds in ICT inventions.
At the very beginning, do not worry about your limited returns. Actually, your interest should not be in the financial back-flow but continue to develop deeper passion coupled with your intellectual and technical skills. You will realize that once you establish authority in any ICT field of endeavor, every other desire shall be added unto you in excess. Only patience and perseverance can guarantee a successful career build-up in ICT.


Gain more IT Qualifications

Always look for opportunities to improve on your intellectual skills and qualifications. Go for higher or advanced degrees if there is opportunity to do so. Work hard to maintain and improve on your relevance in the ICT industry. This industry continuously evolving. So you need to move with it. Never get tired of researching new inventions. Study other works and master them.
You can also join professional bodies in the ICT industry. Being a broad industry, you might wish to belong to a particular body closely related to your core area under ICT. This will ensure your continuous intellectual exercises as well as upgrading yourself to the society’s best practices. The recommendations from such professional bodies could also facilitate your promotions to higher seats of responsibilities as well as enrich your resume.


Obtain Customer Service skills

No matter how qualified you might be or rich your resume, you will only succeed if your customers make you to. You are what you are because your customers made it so. It is absolutely necessary to go the extra mile in attending to your customer’s issues and ensure their complaints are duly treated. Always leave no room for come-back complaints. Work on your customer-base and in a short time, you will be regarded as king in your career build in ICT.
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