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Tuesday, 3 February 2015


From all indications, this year 2015 will mark a revolution in the history of internet data bundle plans for all network providers in Nigeria. We are just in February and all the telecom giants have unrolled their 2015 best internet data bundle plan for all android devices and other mobile phones running on different operating system technology. I can say they are now the cheapest, most affordable, richest data bundle plan in the history of telecommunication services in Nigeria.

The time has passed when a low income earner has to break his budget just to subscribe for a data plan that does not still carry him throughout its so called validity period of 30 days. Nigerian students can now get value for their money spent on data plan subscriptions and be able to research effectively on the internet without fear of data exhaustion.

I am aware that the android operating system technology has taken over the mobile phone market in Nigeria and unfortunately, it consumes data faster than any other type of mobile device operating software. This 2015, people shall begin to enjoy the full capabilities of android devices-thanks to this year's best internet data bundle plan unleashed by MTN, GLO, ETISALAT and other service providers in Nigeria. Personally, I am not left out. I shall intensify my blogging activities as I can now get bigger monthly data for my internet modem.

Now let me roll out the carpets to intimate you on what is in stock for us;

2015 Best Internet Data Bundle Plan for Android and others- for MTN:
  • With just 1,000 NGN, you now get a 3 GB data bundle with validity period of 30 days (one month). The activation code via SMS is to send BBC to 21600.Only DroidVPN can enable you use this plan.
  • the MTN 4.5 GB Night Plan is now available with just 2,500 NGN. Simply dial *110# to get it activated. By night plan, it means it will run from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. each day for 30 days.
  • 325 MB is now yours with only 1,300 NGN. You can just dial *109# to activate it and it remains valid for 30 days.
  • With only 2,000 NGN, you get over 750 MB of data. It is valid for 30 days with activation code of dialing *110#.
2015 Best Internet Data Bundle Plan for Android and others-for GLO:
Globacom Nigeria made a heavy debut this year by launching the Glo Overload Data Volume. Now you get more than triple the data you subscribed to. Check out this table below;

Data PlanPrice of Data Plan (=N=)Normal Data VolumeOverload Data Volume(inclusive of Bonus)SMS to 127USSD Code
My Phone2,000640MB2.5GB55*127*55#
Always Macro3,0001.5GB4.5GB54*127*54#
Always Min5,0004GB12GB11*127*2#
Always Max8,0008GB24GB12127*1#

With this development, the Eagle has finally landed. Nigeria has now got her best internet data bundle plan for all android devices and every other mobile phone operating systems this year 2015. I do not really know if this is a conventional plan that has come to stay or like a promo, something that has an operational deadline. However, Nigerians can take advantage of this great internet data plan and enjoy it while it lasted.

2015 Best Internet Data Bundle Plan for Android and others-for Etisalat:
Etisalat is a UAE based telecommunication technology giant which has been waxing strong in Nigeria for several years. They have got one of the best internet tariff and data bundle plans in Nigeria. However, people are expecting them to do better in terms of making their data bundles cheaper with more bonus engagements. You can read on the 2015 Latest Etisalat Internet Data Bundle Plans with Prices and activation codes. Generally, so far in the history of internet services in Nigeria, 2015 has got the best internet data bundle plan for all android and other mobile phones. I hope it gets even better in the course of time.


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