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Sunday, 18 January 2015


Have you ever ran into the challenge of trying to use a SIM card belonging to a particular network on an internet modem that belongs to another network? Yes, maybe you just purchased a modem and realized that their internet service is not as reliable as another network's service. You can consider changing the SIM card to improve your network strength but first, you need to know how to crack your MTN internet modem to accept other network SIM cards like Etisalat.

With a good modem and a SIM card with reliable internet network strength, you can enjoy the power of fast and quality internet service for your desktop and laptop computers.

If you are seriously considering changing your network provider while using the same modem, then you need to know how to crack your internet modem to use on other networks' SIM cards.

Having an MTN modem does not limit you to using only MTN SIM cards on it because I will show you how to use multiple SIM cards on one modem. Infact it has now became a question of choice. If you consider another network's internet better, simply purchase the network's SIM card, subscribe to any of their internet data plans, insert your SIM into the modem and you are primarily ready.

For this post, I shall concentrate on how to use your ETISALAT SIM card on an MTN modem. After subscribing to an etisalat internet plan, insert the SIM into the MTN modem and connect your modem to your laptop or desktop computer.

At this stage, you need to configure the internet browsing settings of the etisalat SIM card network on your modem/computer interface. By doing this, you are basically creating a network profile for the SIM card which will enable the modem recognize the network on the SIM card. Follow these steps as I guild you on how to do it.

  • On the menu bar, go to TOOLS and click on it
  • Scroll down to OPTIONS and select it
  • Amongst the options is PROFILE MANAGEMENT, click on it
  • On the right side tabs, click on NEW
  • On profile name, type ETISALAT
  • On Access Point Name APN, choose STATIC and type etisalat in the box for the APN
  • On the Authentication area, type *99# in the space for Access number.
  • Finally click OK to save the newly generated profile for Etisalat network.
Now the Etisalat profile appears along the default MTN Profile in the Drop down arrow space provided for the Profile Name anytime you connect your modem. From there you can select any appropriate profile depending on the SIM card inserted inside the modem.

Now you can go ahead and buy your SIM card with the supposed better network. Remember, so long as you know the dial up settings of any other network, you can actually create its profile on your modem and enjoy unlimited choice of network on any modem in your possession.

When you know how to crack your MTN internet modem to accept SIM cards from other networks like Etisalat, there shall be no limit to your internet surfing ability. This is because at every location, all networks have varied network strength. All you need to do is to simply insert your preferred network SIM card into your cracked modem and set sail.

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