Tuesday, 13 January 2015

A friend recently told me that he had stopped renewing his DStv subscriptions, yet maintained active channels. I asked if he won any promotion from DStv but he replied it was a secret he would unfold with time.

He eventually told me about how Nigerians unlock and watch free-to-air DStv channels using the Q-Sat decoder. He confided in me that with this setup, you could watch as many DStv channels as you want free of charge. I have tried to know if this is true, how it works and the legality behind it. Eventually, I realized many Nigerians use the Qsat decoders to unlock and watch free DStv channels
Qsat Decoder

A little research into why this happens shows that according to installers and users, the Qsat decoder has the ability to capture DStv satellite-transmitted signals. These encoded signals are decrypted or unlocked, presenting it on your TV in a format, which you see as images and audio. Although the Qsat decoder has to be aligned on recommended frequency parameters and settings.

While Qsat decoders have been known to successfully unlock DStv channels, DStv High Definition channels remain inaccessible to Qsat decoders. This is one major challenge posed to Qsat users as most of their favourite channels like the Super Sports Channels are HD designated.

Football lovers who would wish to rely on Qsat are now disappointed as they no longer watch their Champions and Premiere League matches as they use to.

The good news for DStv loyal subscribers is that gradually, DStv is upgrading more channels to HD and introducing HD decoders into the market to cushion the effect of this gesture. This is increasingly making it difficult for Qsat to comprehend the digital signature used to encrypt the HD channels on DStv. Consequently, Qsat is only able to decrypt the Standard Definition or the SD channels.

The legality of this mass media action is in question. Personally, I DO NOT encourage this innovation because I believe it breaches DStv's content copyright policy and intellectual originality. However, I know it wont be long before Qsat fades away. Therefore, pause to think twice before you invest in a venture as the Qsat Free DStv Channel Access.


  1. Why this is encouraged in some circles? DSTV is too expensive

  2. The flop is that they charge much for few channels.

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