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Many people who need appropriate internet data plans are confused as to knowing the best data plan, how much it costs and how to activate it. Whether you are using a mobile phone, a tablet or a computer, you will definitely require a data bundle or plan to get efficient access to the internet.

I have seen that Etisalat has grown to be one of Nigeria's best telecommunication networks with very efficient internet data plans. To create varieties, they made these plans exist as daily, weekly and monthly data plans. Depending on your rate of browsing and download, you could exhaust your data before the end of its validity.

I want to unravel details on current Etisalat internet data plans with their costs and activation codes and how to save unused data from expiring at validity periods but first, let me take you through a small relevant tour. Based on frequent questions people ask concerning how best to manage their data and save it from getting lost at validity, let me show you this;

How to Roll Over your Unused Data at Validity Period
However, if your data still remains while you have almost reached your validity period, you can still rollover the data to continue working for you for another cycle of validity period. To do this, simply recharge the cost amount and renew data by typing the activation codes. This will automatically give you fresh data bundle plus the balance of the previous data that was to expire.

In this publication, I shall give you the details of the current Etisalat internet data plans, their costs in Nigerian Naira and their activation codes. Please note that this data plan details chiefly apply to countries that use the Etisalat network. You can also activate these for your mobile phone, computers or any other device that enables you use the Etisalat network for your internet access.


The 10 MB mobile Daily Plan costs 100 NGN. To activate it by sending SMS, send MI1 to 229. To also activate it via USSD, dial *229*3*1#. The period of validity for the 10 MB is one week (7 days).

The 50 MB Mobile Weekly Plan costs 500 NGN. To activate it by sending SMS, send MI2 to 229. To also activate it by USSD, dial *229*3*4# and its validity period runs for 7 days. Remember that you can choose to roll over an unused data before it expires just by loading the cost amount and typing the activation codes. This only works if the former plan has not expired yet.

The Etisalat EasyBlaze 200 MB Plan goes for just 1,000 NGN. To activate it via SMS, simply load up to 1,000 recharge card, send sms MB2 to 229. To also activate by USSD, just dial *229*2*1#. The period of validity for this plan is just 30 days (one month).

The EasyBlaze 500 MB Plan is just another convenient plan for regular internet users. The cost is just 2,000 NGN and its validity is also 30 days. To activate by SMS, simply send MB3 to 229 and by USSD dial *229*2*2#.

The EasyBlaze 1.5 GB data bundle is probably best for you if you usually run heavier downloads or require 24/7 internet connectivity. It costs just 4,000 NGN and just by sending MB4 to 229, you get it activated. For dial up activations i.e. USSD, simply dial *229*2*4#. Its period of validity is exactly 30 days (one month).

Etisalat EasyBlaze 3 GB plan is also another ideal plan for heavy internet users and with just 6,500 NGN, you can make it yours. For SMS activation, send MB5 to 229 and for USSD, dial *229*2*3#. Its validity is also 30 days. Currently, Etisalat also gives away additional bonus data upon activation of any of their data plans.

The 6 GB Etisalat EasyBlaze Internet Plan is obtained at the rate of just 8,000 NGN. Simply text MB6 via SMS to 229. You can still dial *229*2*5# to get it activated as alternative to the SMS method. Its validity is also one month.

However if you are accustomed to browsing at night or over the weekend, Etisalat has got the best plan for your schedule. The EasyBlaze Night and Weekend Plan gives you all you want with just a token of 4,000 NGN. You can text MB7 as SMS to 229 or dial *229*3*3# to also have it running. Please note that this special bundle only gets active between the hours of 9 pm to 6 am on week days and during weekends, runs all through.

Please watch out for our next publication which shall talk about the Etisalat SME Prepaid Plans, PostPaid Plans and the Smartphone Data Plans.


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