When you purchase a laptop computer, it is not enough to get it powered and install all your software. As important as it is, it is much more necessary to learn how to maintain your laptop computer to enable you enjoy its services. If you fail to take good care of your device, it could break down as quickly as it was purchased.

Here are simple but powerful measures which actually determine the lifespan of our laptops and other computing electronic devices. Read all through and you will discover you have always been guilty with the manner you have been handling your gadgets.

Avoid leaving your laptop in your car. The inside of your car experiences huge heat changes that impact negatively on your laptop. When you lock up your car and wind up the glasses, hot temperature builds up which heats up the delicate components in your laptop causing them to expand. Contraction occurs when you eventually open the doors and this is injurious to your laptop device. Generally, avoid exposing your laptops to systems or environments with extreme temperature changes.

Always and only clean your laptop screen with methylated spirit. The spirit quickly evaporates and at the same removes stains, oil and kills germs quickly. This leaves your laptop screen clean, dry and new. You can also clean your keyboards with the spirits for the same wonderful result.

Avoid using your laptop on the bed. When you regularly place your laptop computer on your bed, the fan sucks up the tiny foam and dust debris from your bed. This eventually blocks the fan spaces and renders it inefficient which can lead to over heating and breakdown.

Avoid bringing liquids close to your laptop. Most times when we work, we would want to relax over a bottle or glass of water. This is very dangerous as any accident could cause water to spill on your laptop device. Nothing destroys an electronic device more than water getting into the circuitry. Avoid the temptation and keep any form of liquid away from your laptop computer. It will surely pay you well.

Always update your antivirus regularly. Every minute, the cyber space is witnessing the introduction of new viruses. Updating your antivirus software ensures that your laptop's virus definition base is above board. This will help it detect any form of virus it comes in contact with - whether on the internet or via any other external connection.

Avoid bringing food close to your laptop. All types of food have crumbs or debris that fall off when handled. Eating close to your laptop can cause these crumbs to fall on and penetrate your laptop through keypads and small vents. Of course you need not be told what will happen over time. This is one sure way to cut short the lifespan of your laptop.

Keep Pets or animals away from your laptop. Animal furs are so tiny that it can penetrate with ease through any vent or space on your laptop. This can cause blockage in any component or cause problems with ventilation of that part of the circuit.

Allow for good ventilation and dust-free environment. Dusts are enemies of electronic micro chips. When the former deposits much on chips, it prevents free circulation of air as well as efficient heat control. This leads to overheating and subsequent failure of that chip or the entire motherboard.

Carry or hold your laptop by its base and never by the LCD screen. The laptop screen is very delicate that any careless pressure applied can instantly damage it beyond repair. After working on your laptop, close it gently and move it by holding the hip or base along the symmetry where the two wielded parts meet. This ensures the screen areas stays clear of any forceful compression that could lead to its damage.

Disengage power cords by tugging the base mouth, not by pulling the wire. When you apply force on the wire stretch, it strains on the entire roll which can cause an internal breakage. Remember it could be a live wire so please learn to tug gently by the mouth if you wish to disconnect your cords from your laptop. This will also prevent casual electric shock due to unstable loss and gain of momentary contact.

Handle removable drives and disks with care. Some disks may have labels on them. Please always ensure that these labels are properly and firmly attached to their disks before inserting into laptop drives. Always ensure these removable drives and disks are free of dusts and liquids too. If a label mistakenly loosens within the internal cavity, it could cause huge mechanical problems. This can damage delicate hardware inside the laptop.

At least once a year, clean your laptop of internal dusts. No matter how protective you are to your device, dusts must gather over time. Therefore, seek the help of a professional to clean your laptop of internal dusts. If you can do it by yourself, take care not to damage any micro chip in the process. Also use recommended instruments for cleaning the inside of laptops.

Use a properly sized and well padded laptop bag. To avoid occasional vibrations when carrying your laptop, always use a well sized bag padded with soft and firm pads underneath. This cushions the force or pressure upon impact with any external body and saves the laptop of any physical damage. It will also allow good ventilation around the laptop system during storage.

For students who love to keep books, avoid keeping your books on your laptops. Apart from books, please discourage using your laptop as a base to support loads. Any pressure or force mounted on the LCD screen base or the circuit board is heavily injurious to a laptop. Also use a flat, clean and dry surfaces to place your laptops always.

Other salient points to note are;

Consider the specification of laptops to buy based on the nature of work you wish to use the device for. If you work regularly and handle large data, it is advised you go for a laptop with commercial specifications. If you intend it for home use, entertainment or light private use, a medium gadget with not-so-large specifications is ideal. However it is true that one who is usually on the move would require a light weight model, as against a working person who could go for a sturdy type.

Above all. develop a preventive maintenance culture. Always check your laptop for any unusual changes in speed of operation, appearance, screen changes and so on. If well observed, I hope these rules give you the desired results for your laptop. Remember, you can also apply these rules to your desktop computers as well as other electronic devices where applicable.

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