Monday, 12 January 2015

Mr. James just bought a set of digital Satellite decoder system and in less than two weeks, he became frustrated. He complained bitterly, threatening to discontinue using the service. He also threatened legal actions against the dealer company that sold and installed it for him.

What exactly was Mr. James complaining about? It is obvious he has been frustrated by his cable and satellite TV service provider. Surprisingly, so many people may have found themselves in same situation. Maybe you have had personal reasons to complain about your digital satellite TV service. Right now, I shall be specific on these issues that have continued to frustrate satellite TV subscribers.

Firstly, Mr. James complained that he paid for his decoder and dish systems only to be given a non-activated decoder. He came home to discover that only they free channel was showing. After days of trying to connect to his sellers on phone, he eventually called the provider's official helpline before the decoder channels could come on. This was after spending large sums of money to buy airtime because the helpline was not toll-free.
DStv frustrates

Minutes later, He realized that he was hooked unto the least of the bouquets because most channels he paid for where not showing. He called back the helpline and was told that he needed to return to his point of purchase for his payment to be regularized. He eventually spent time, money and energy before such problem was rectified.

Two weeks after, there was a heavy wind and his decoder system lost signal. That was the last stroke that broke the camel's back. In anger, he dismantled the whole setup and bundled it back to the point of sale. However, you can learn measures to take when your decoder losses signal.

Surprisingly, the customer service representative explained to Mr. James what he needed to know on how best to enjoy his DStv and what his rights were as a loyal subscriber and customer. He took back his package, got it fully re-installed and till date, has not complained of any other issue.

When you are frustrated by your cable and satellite TV service provider, take it calmly. By learning these measures as outlined above, you would be able to minimize or even eradicate these causes of frustrations. With this, you would become a master of your own Digi-Tech satellite TV technology system at home.


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