Monday, 22 September 2014

DStv decoders among other satellite TV decoders according many articles, could provide internet access. Many website publishers including bloggers have written many posts about this as well. However, how true is it? I decided to research more to know the truth of the matter concerning the DStv decoder and free internet. This can help you make more informed choices on available services if you own a DStv decoder.

By the end of your reading, you would have come across all you need to know about DStv decoders and free internet browsing. Installers and technicians are still toiling to explore and cash in on this purported development. I have seen countless cases of alleged connections that give free DStv signal access - which the official service provider condemns in strongest terms.

I have also seen several situations where other satellite TV decoders are used to access DStv signals. My Digi-Tech Media Blog conducted some research to find out the truth of the matter. The world is now a global village, made possible by speedy satellite coverage and connectivity.

The internet is now available on almost all electronic devices which include phones, modems, computers, tablets or even some so called decoders.
Some DStv decoders are designed with Ethernet, RCA and USB ports. Aside the conventional audio/visual ports,  and the HDMI ports, the Ethernet and the USB ports are believed by many to be in use for other purposes, which include internet accessibility.

However, many have tried but failed to get any results, trying to connect to internet via these Ethernet and HDMI ports.
The truth is that their is no internet connectivity via DStv decoders for now. The Ethernet ports are engineered for future applications of such nature but as at now, they have not been enabled for internet access.
Ethernet ports on DStv decoders are very useful in DStv signal alternate delivery system fondly called the DStv IP. This is an arrangement used mainly in big hotels, estates, business applications and/or multi-faceted structures where there is need to bring signals to many rooms.

However, as more advances are made in decoder software versions, the Ethernet ports and other ports currently not in use shall be activated. Yes! this may include digital TV and audio, voice and data (internet) services.

Some recent decoders like the DStv Explora and other HD PVRs, dsd 1110 and the SD PVRs have the Ethernet ports on their rear panel. But they cannot be used except for the above mentioned purpose.
There is hope! Sooner than expected, these facilities will be called into play.

There are indications that MultiChoice DStv will soon introduce the internet access.


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