Monday, 25 August 2014

A subscriber contacted My Digi-Tech Media Blog to enquire about certain problems he experiences on his DStv decoder. This ranged from power surge, which damages the power circuit and occasionally, goes beyond the power circuit to lightning strikes, which also damages more or less the entire circuit board of the decoder.
Which ever one of these you experience, it is advised not to make assumptions on what level of damage has been done, but to visit any branch of MultiChoice for proper decoder damage assessment and confirmation as well as solutions to it.

Let me state it clear that  common problems with DStv decoders may include Power surge and lightening protection failure and no decoder may be immune to these problems. Therefore special care has to be taken to watch against these problems which most times breaks down decoders even beyond repairs.

However, there are steps one could take to prevent this problems or at least reduce them to minimum.
To effectively protect your DStv decoder against power surges, it is advised that one connects to a voltage stabilizer from the mains, down to an electric extension cable with an in-built power surge or overload protective device.

This keeps your voltages stabilized and ensures the fuses on the extension break during power surges or overloads, preventing it from reaching your DStv decoder to damage it.

NOTE: it is strongly advised to completely unplug your DStv decoder power supply unit from the mains, to avoid voltage leakages that could aid incessant voltage-induced damages.
Whatever be the nature of your DStv decoder problem, there are effective self-help solutions that eliminates all these problems. Lightning strikes can be more devastating on decoders and generally, all electrical appliances. Most recorded cases have led to total irredeemable damages on decoders. To forestall any occasion of lightning damage, it is strongly advised to ensure that Earth circuit system of your building is properly put in place.

DStv installers should avoid passing signal cables through charge-attracting materials like security wire gauze, spikes, exposed metal or live cables. Ultimately, extra safety precautions should be taken by switching off and unplugging your DStv decoder during extreme lightning or rainfalls with thunderstorms. Avoid wetting your decoder by any kind of fluid. This could lead to lethal electric shocks and could also damage the circuitry of the electronic panel.

Whenever you observe any strange sound or distorted images emanating from your decoder or being presented on the TV screen, it is an indication of a decoder malfunction. Be quick to seek professional advice as some problems may become complicated if not given immediate attention.

After a period of constant usage, always gently touch the exterior of your decoder system to check if it increases in temperature. A heating system is not completely healthy especially if the hotness increases over a short period. Always ensure the position of the DStv is well ventilated to keep cool the electronic gadgets. This measure can in turn prevent power surges that may arise from over heating of the circuit board.

Many problems with DStv decoders which may include power surge and lightening protection failure can be prevented if we start observing the rules as laid down above. A good maintenance culture can ensure a prolonged life span of your DStv decoder.

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